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The honesty of pornography

• arclein

Dworkin's contributions to feminist thinking about pornography are radical and profound. She insisted that we examine and take seriously what pornography shows us: its documenting of the sexual use of women's bodies, as well as men's consolidation of their 'social power'. Displaying genital action, hardcore pornography ?" especially the visual kind that became popular during feminism's second wave ?" shows to an unusual degree the ways that sexed bodies collide. Social dynamics like misogyny, heteronormativity, xenophobia and racism shape these collisions. With such conditions informing pornography and its consumers, sex becomes a stage for the mingling of persons. Often ?" but, crucially, not always and not uniformly ?" this interplay entails hierarchy: demands are issued, often by men; actions are coerced, often by men; body parts are pushed or positioned or operationalised, often by men. The recognition of these patterns led many feminists to deduce that pornography