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Are Free and Fair Elections a Thing of the Past?

•, By Joe Hoft

The Gateway Pundit warned after the 2020 Election that if we didn't address the election coruption and fraud at the time, we may never again partake in free and fair elections.   After last night's Senate runoff in Georgia, we now ask – Are free and fair elections a thing of the past?  

Let's review the unexplainable 2022 election results to date in some key states.


The state voted in 6 Republican and 2 Democrat US Representatives.  However, the statewide offices of the Governor, Secretary of State (SOS) and Attorney General (AG) were all given to Democrats.  How does this happen?

The US Senator, a well-liked man, Ron Johnson was behind most of the night in reporting and barely pulled it off.

Now compare Wisconsin to red state Missouri – Missouri also has 8 US Representatives and 2 are blue.  Yet, in Missouri, the GOP owns the statewide races, Democrats have no chance of winning, and the the US Senate race went to current AG Eric Schmitt by 14%!  What happened in Wisconsin?

What's going on in Wisconsin?  This is the same state that mysteriously dropped 145,000 votes early in the morning after the 2020 election for Joe Biden to overcome President Trump's greater than 120,000 vote lead.  Massive corruption was identified in that state's election processes after the 2020 election and it looks like that will be the norm.


The state is red everywhere but in the Detroit area.  Somehow after massive corruption in the 2020 Election with two over 100,000 ballot drops for Joe Biden in the early morning hours after election day, the election processes were even worse in 2022.