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"This Changes Everything"

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

B-21 technology is capped at 2010 standards; it flies with F-35 engines.   The planes (two have been built) will fly for the first time this spring – 18 months behind schedule.  These real secrets were not unveiled yesterday, nor was how much the US taxpayer has paid and will pay for these bombers.  No doubt, this would have spoiled the fun.

The mantra "This Changes Everything" was repeated several times by several speakers, indicating the opposite must be true  – it changes nothing.  As with 12 year old technology and the underwhelming F-35 engine, the B-21 Raider is part of a US security strategy that offers little security for our country, and reflects a strategy from the 1960s, where the US was freshly nurturing the biggest economy in the world, a golden reputation for governance, and global military domination.

Some 60 years later, the US has shifted from manufacturing to financialism.  Previously low government debt and spending exploded to obscene and uncontrolled levels.  The US today is one bad government decision away from collapse and tyranny.  Our reputation for good governance has evaporated, whether we look at law and order in our formerly beautiful cities, transparency of government at any level, political oligarchies, cronyism, and corruption, or at the increasingly obvious deficiencies in our elections. Our vision of global military domination – once linked rationally to our economic and technological productivity and a liberty-oriented and tolerant value system – is today linked to nothing but a "technological elite" that has morphed into a grifting MICIMATT that lies, cheats, steals, and uses the full power of the state to intimidate and silence critics and skeptics at home and abroad.