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Seven Books That Will Make You Smarter

• arclein

The cover of a nonfiction book is like the hood of an automobile: Nudge it open, and you'll find sentences like cylinders and pistons folded and coiled together, an engine ready to propel us toward answers to daunting questions. How did life begin? What is art for? What transpires inside our cells? How do our nation's values hold up in an era of accelerating change? The best nonfiction does more than just assemble information. It takes a reader through curious landscapes, offering a deeper grasp of how the world moves and, most important, what moves it. The seven nonfiction titles below are not textbooks; they're accessible to lay readers, give an overview of crucial topics, and can serve as a jumping-off point for further research. They investigate what our society values and what it's built on, driving us to the monumental, the sublime, the quintessentially human