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It's Time for Congress to File a Lawsuit Against President Biden Over Student Debt

• by Mish

First, let's recap how we got here and why this is a big issue. 

On August 24, President Biden's Fact Sheet announced a student debt forgiveness plan that will cost in the neighborhood of $420 billion.

That is fiscal authority the President just does not have. 

Biden's plan went unchallenged for weeks, presumably because no one had the standing to sue. 

The plan must adversely impact someone who claims to have been injured. Taxpayers do not count.

Three Standing Requirements

First, there must be a concrete injury in fact that is not conjectural or hypothetical.

Second, there must be causation, a fairly traceable connection between a plaintiff's injury and the conduct of the defendant.

Third, there must be redressability, a likelihood that the requested relief will 

redress the alleged injury.

The struggle to find standing hinged on finding someone who was monetarily damaged by Biden's free money handout other than taxpayers.  

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