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CGI's BolenReport: MEDICAL MEDIUM: Chemtrails are the deliberate release of toxic...


Anthony William/Medical Medium wrote:
"Chem trails are composed of every toxin possible that the chemical industry creates. This includes toxic heavy metals such as mercury and copper. It also includes old, outdated, antiquated chemical storage bins that have been backlogged in storage for decades -- chemical waste that has sat in tanks for 50, 50, 70 or even 80 or 100 years. Its a combination of chemicals, both old and new, being placed in planes and dumped out of the sky."

Brain Saver by Anthony William, pg 230 (Chem Trails and Rainfall Exposure) wrote:

" Project Chem Trails started in the 1960s as only a very small number of planes and only in small parts of the world.. Now it has flourished into endless numbers of planes on rogue flight patterns all over the globe.