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Life in the Slow Lane

• arclein

Robert Booth is a "tramper," a long-haul lorry driver who sleeps in the cab of his vehicle when on a job. He began driving lorries at age 48 after illness meant early retirement from the prison service. He quickly became dissatisfied with the food choices he found along his routes. "When you go to a service station, every place you go, you can get a Burger King or a KFC or a McDonald's. The average age of a lorry driver is 55. We are well and truly in heart attack territory. And on top of that, you stick fried food …" Robert's solution was the slow cooker. In the small hours of the morning, when most of us are sleeping, he prepares his ingredients on a small bench in the body of the truck, puts them inside the ceramic pot, and plugs the cooker into an inverter in his cab's cigarette lighter. The washing-up bowl stops the pot from falling off the passenger seat, and the bungee cords secure the rattling lid. At the other end of his journey, he has dinner ?" as long as

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