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Democrats Never Admit Defeat

•, By J. Peder Zane

Midterm election results boost Biden 2024 hopes, Reuters reports. Democrats can't rest on their midterm success, declares a column published in the Hill. Perhaps the most predictable, if irrelevant, spin came from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who tweeted that House Democrats "defied expectations with an excellent performance: running their races with courage, optimism and determination."

The more germane point is that Democrats lost the House and Pelosi will have to hand the gavel over to Kevin McCarthy next year. This monumental development should stop the Democrats' legislative agenda in its tracks. President Biden's hopes of becoming another FDR is now a pipe dream.

Yes, the Democrats exceeded expectations, performing better than history or pre-election polls suggested, as they won many close races in the House and hung on to their narrow margin in the Senate. But if we take a step back, the magnitude of things comes into focus.

Just two years ago, Democrats enjoyed a resounding victory, keeping the House, taking effective control of the Senate, and installing Joe Biden in the White House. Despite their narrow majorities they operated as if they had won by a landslide. The party that continually claims to be on "the right side of history," and insists that the American people overwhelmingly support its policies, made every effort to give the country a full dose of its vision.