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No Space? No Money? You Should Consider a Micro-Retreat.

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Most of us are not exactly farmers and will have a hard time growing or raising what we intend to eat if we just one day decide to start living off our harvests. It is a fact. Hunters and fishers obviously will have an edge after the collapse, but sadly, I am almost sure that in a tribal environment, my social position would not be too high.

That said, maybe joining a tribe after some age won't be as romantic as it seems. Maybe a better idea, in order to live longer, is to stay low profile and semi-hidden, with only a few close friends and family nearby. At some age, you need some peace.

For many old-school survivalists of times already gone, the proper approach was a complete farm. The amount of work involved with this path is plenty.

The more land you have to take care of, the more problems!

I've seen this a few times. Hard-working people who made a few bucks with three or four crops in a row expanded their business by buying another farm somewhere else, and…bang!

With twice the land, their problems multiplied exponentially, and the need for further investment followed.

However, maybe for many of us, the ideal location is not a full-size homestead or a large compound.