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Buffalo, NY To Get 4 to 6 ** FEET ** of Snow by Sunday!


The city and its outlying areas could receive three to six FEET (72 inches) of snow when it's all said and done on Sunday.  Darn global warming . . . .

Lake-effect snow develops when cold, dry air, often originating from Canada, flows across the relatively warmer waters of the Great Lakes and is predicted to bring 'impossible' travel conditions.

Forecasters have warned that snow may fall at the rate of two to four inches per hour at times with thundersnow possible in the most intense bands, AccuWeather reports.

Experts have said that the upcoming event could be one of historic proportions as the weather system picks up momentum on Thursday and is predicted to continue into the weekend.

'These early-season events can be potent, as lake water temperatures are still quite mild compared to the middle to the latter part of winter,' AccuWeather Meteorologist Matt Benz said.

As of Wednesday morning, waters on the Great Lakes ranged between 52.5 degrees and 42.6 degrees.

'The heaviest snowfall is expected to occur downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York and Lake Huron in Ontario,' Benz said.

'Several feet of snow can occur where snow bands persist over the same location for an extended period of time.'

Buffalo is expected to be hit the hardest with a winter storm watch issued for the metro area and across southwestern New York.

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