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Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies In Their Classroom

• By Lee Duigon

In Arizona recently, two middle school teachers, a wife and her husband, have been fired for using the woman's classroom as a studio for making pornographic movies starring themselves.

They thought they'd get away with it. After all, they weren't doing it during school hours. They thought they could ensure that their "Only Fans" skin flicks wouldn't be seen anywhere within their own school district. But of course once it's on the Internet, everyone can see it; and everyone did. First students, then staff, then parents. Public uproar forced the local school board to fire the pair of them.

They did it, they said, to make ends meet: they couldn't run their household on just two teachers' salaries. Boo hoo. Well, heck—if you're strapped for cash, what could be more natural than to make pornographic films and sell them on the Internet? Doesn't everybody?

You want your children to be "educated" by characters like this because ______. Fill in the blank and win a tin-foil hat.

Now, if all they did was assign gay porn for reading, and encourage the kiddies to volunteer for "gender reassignment," as public school teachers are now doing to their hearts' content all over the country, they'd still have their jobs. And maybe the FBI would spy on parents who objected, and list them as "stochastic terrorists." Certainly SloJo Biden's administration would support them to the hilt—"transgender rights," y'know.