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EXPOSED IN 90 SECONDS: Biden, Ukraine, Crypto and Pedos….All Connected?


So I'm careful with headlines like this, and I wrote this one intentionally because I believe it is true.

Folks, this is the big one, and it may just be the thing that ends up taking down not only Joe Biden but the entire crooked Democrat party.

Let me explain…

You've probably heard about a company called FTX recently and its "founder" Sam Bankman-Fried, who goes by "SBF".

If you've found the story confusing or too hard to follow, let me explain it really simply, because it is simple.

SBF appears to be a Government spook (or "Useful Idiot", we're not sure which yet).

But what is clear is the guy is mostly a complete bumbling idiot, and yet somehow rose to control billions, running one of the largest crypto exchanges out there.

Remember those Super Bowl ads with Tom Brady and Larry David?

That was FTX.

It rose up out of almost nowhere to suddenly be this behemoth.

What we're now learning is the whole thing was perhaps a full ponzi, perhaps just a fraud, perhaps just a total fake, but definitely it was not a real mega-company.

So last week, FTX suddenly shocks everyone and goes bankrupt with no warning.

The crypto market tanked, huge crash.