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Some Europeans Are Waking Up To Lunacy Of "Ideology-Driven" Energy Crisis

• Technocracy.News

A German MEP has blamed the European Union's Green Deal for causing its current energy crisis, describing the climate project as an "ideology-driven monster".

Dr Sylvia Limmer, a member of the populist Alternative für Deutschland party, has decried the EU's Green Deal agenda as being an "ideology-driven monster" that has been causing serious issues for energy stability on the continent.

With many countries in the bloc having become extremely reliant on gas supplied by Russia, increasing hostilities with Moscow have resulted in prices ratcheting up over the past number of years, ultimately culminating with the availability of the supply collapsing in the wake of the Ukraine War.

However, while a number of Europeans seem to think that the conflict on its Eastern border has given it yet another excuse to push the green agenda even further, Dr Limmer claims that it has ultimately been the EU's green policies that have resulted in this mess in the first place.

In a statement seen by Breitbart Europe, Limmer criticised the fact that foreign fossil fuels have been used to supplement green renewable technologies that have been unable to fuel European economies on their own, ultimately putting the blame for current hardship firmly in the EU's lap.