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Trading Election Day

• Zero Hedge

As much as I'd like to avoid discussing elections, it is unavoidable today.

Republicans taking either the House or the Senate or both is  consensus and is viewed as bullish for risk as gridlock will slow spending, reducing inflation, reducing pressure on the Fed, helping rates, which will let equities rip higher. Seems believable and plausible.

Potential for many elections to not be decided by tomorrow morning as voting takes time and mail-in votes need to be tallied (or potentially waited on, if it is a close election where the day a ballot is post-marked is the metric for it is valid). Seems largely built in, but could get contentious. Probably not an overnight event, but something to watch if the issue develops and seems to be big enough to sway the outcomes in the House or Senate or both.

Big blue wave. I haven't seen much mention of this from any official polls, and it seems unlikely based on polls and the path midterm elections typically follow, but markets will not react well.