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Biden's chaotic, anti-fossil fuel policies are threatening global energy security

• by Lance D Johnson

Today, the United States is a hollow shell of its former self – with pipelines and drilling operations shuttered. After the Biden regime took control in 2021, "hostile" federal administrators were quickly installed to take down the most important pillars of America's energy infrastructure – fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear energy.

In the Presidential debates of 2020, Biden told the American people this was going to happen during his term, and his minions have since delivered an assault on American energy.

The UN-sanctioned, anti-fossil fuel agenda is a national security issue

Once in office, the Biden regime's top priorities included a shutdown of pipelines and drilling permits. Biden's transportation and energy czars routinely engage in crony capitalism, punishing the fossil fuel industry while providing taxpayer-funded incentives for renewable energy sources. These anti-fossil fuel mandates will soon transform the entire automobile industry, forcing consumers to buy electric vehicles from China, while endangering the diesel supply.

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