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Printers Involved in Florida Voter Fraud?

• By Kat Stansell

A team of researchers from the Florida Republican Assembly have revealed some incredible "coincidences" in the relationships of Florida officials to the printing companies which print the ballots for Florida voters.

This investigation into Florida election systems began when analysts now working with the FRA went to learn just how and why the fraud occurred in 2020. As mail-in ballots have long been a vehicle for questionable voting accuracy, (Judicial Watch has found that there are over 28 million still floating around the nation from different elections!) the team from FRA chose to begin with them. They surveyed the state to see where those ballots were being sent. They learned that Pinellas County (Tampa/St. Pete) had the most mail-in ballot voters per sq. mi. in the state. By far. In Pinellas, 80- 90% of the residents of high-rise apartment buildings in the county were registered to vote by mail. Only 1 in ten residents living in high rises voted in person or early? This smelled a bit odd, so they dug further.

The printing company, Runbeck, was found to be the one printing all ballots for Pinellas (and Hillsborough) County. So? Well, Runbeck is the same printer connected to allegations of election fraud in both Georgia and Arizona in the 2020 election.

Hmmmm. Coincidence? Maybe…

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