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Canadian Politician BASHES WEF! - Says Unvaccinated Are MOST DISCRIMINATED Group!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the new Canadian Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith who is under fire for saying the obvious. That the World Economic Forum has no place controlling politicians and bragging about infiltrating every part of the Canadian government. What's more is that Danielle Smith has also spoken out about the unvaccinated saying that the unvaccinated are the most discriminated against group she's ever seen.

While all of the above is notably true, the media of course is losing its mind, calling everything she says conspiracy theory as of course that term doesn't seem to have any actual definition anymore, it's just anyone who doesn't support the insane narratives forced upon people by media and government.

While it's a nice turn of the tide in Canada, all the while, politicians will NEVER save you from your problems. The government only grows. Voting is not what gets you freedom. Quite the opposite. So, while it is nice to see someone speak out against this, let's not get excited and think putting some new faces in the organized crime racket will make us more free.