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Dirty bomb part of Biden's planned propaganda to gain public support, ....

• by Belle Carter

Prather said there are currently two schools of thought on the alleged production of the radiological dispersal device: First, there will be a lot of nuclear saber-rattling; second, there's going to be a peace deal right before the November midterm elections.

"Kind of like what [former President Barack] Obama was trying to do with Benghazi, which we all know how that ended up. Because they don't understand violence and tactics," he told Adams during his guest appearance on the "Health Ranger Report" podcast.

Russian Chemical and Biological Protection Troops Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov told reporters that the dirty bomb is nearing its completion. (Related: Two Ukrainian firms caught building dirty bomb – media blackout.)

Another intelligence report is saying that the Russians have already intercepted the small nuke. "If you set off a small nuke in a city, it's not the end of the world. The buildings in cities contain a lot of radiation or it may have been set off underground as well as a neutron bomb," Prather said.

"I think their plans have been upset because the intelligence that the Russians have come out with is so much more accurate than the lies that our own government is putting out."