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Media Proves Enemy Of The People Status -

• By Susan Duclos

As the story of Paul Pelosi, the husband of soon-to-be former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, continues to change from the original reporting, leaving the nation with more questions than answers, is still receiving wall-to-wall coverage, with the media, democrat politicians and liberals across the internet blaming "violent" Republican "rhetoric," we see ample, and conclusive proof that the MSM in America is indeed the "enemy of the people."

Some might claim that the MSM being the propaganda arm for the Democrat party makes them the enemy of only half the U.S. population, but I would counter that those that by constantly lying to democrats and liberals makes them their enemy as well, the liberals that trust them just don't know it, because they are too gullible to "see" it.

What is that proof? 

Direct comparison as to how the media reports physical attacks against Republicans compared to the never-ending litany of verbal attacks against Republicans any time a physical attack against a Democrat happens.