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Covid Reset: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming

• - Dr Mercola

But on top of all of that, there's the "COVID industry," to use Dolan's term, which is not about to let go of the pandemic anytime soon. And, why would they? After all, it's the justification for the global biosecurity state; the perfect excuse to usher in biological surveillance, digital identities, The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e., transhumanism).

Calls for Renewed COVID Measures Are a 'Sick Joke'

So, as we head into fall and winter, the COVID industry is ramping up for another round of freedom-robbing countermeasures. In the U.K., the BBC has already kicked off the fearmongering, making a big ado about a supposed rise in COVID "cases." Are people still buying into that worn-out fraud? Must we really spend another winter explaining how the PCR test cannot identify infection? We'll see, but I hope not. Dolan writes:2

"The Beeb's [BBC News] obsession with COVID at the expense of everything else was pointed out by former ONS statistician Jamie Jenkins this week.

'A rise in COVID cases and Hugh Pym at the BBC is all over it for the main news bulletin even when there's little impact on serious illness — for the majority. Excess deaths for months for non COVID reasons in under 60s, and nothing on main news that I've seen. Selective BBC reporting just shocking.'

Isn't it wonderful that we are paying through the nose — 160 quid [British pounds] a year, for this mental torture. And powerful groups, like independent Sage … will stop at nothing until we're all masked, working from home, socially distanced, sanitized and freshly jabbed.

At this point, hearing these siren voices calling for more restrictions is just a sick joke, given the damage these people have inflicted on our country — two and a half years of experimental lockdowns that show no discernible benefit to countries and regions that stayed open and carried on as normal.

We borrowed half a trillion quid to pay perfectly healthy people to stay at home, and we closed once viable businesses. All at the behest of those who thought you could control a seasonal respiratory virus.

Well, the data is in, the numbers are there for all to see, and the graphs are clear. Stop it we did not. Can you imagine if we had more economy destroying measures in the months to come? We are surely just a couple of lockdowns away from being so broke as a country, we will be deciding which of our offspring to eat first."

Refuse All Continued COVID Measures

I can only agree with Dolan, who believes "there should be zero [COVID] measures ever again." We have up to two years' worth of data on most of the measures, and NONE has proven fruitful.

Instead, they've all been shown to be harmful — to economic stability, mental health, physical health, education, life expectancy, quality of life and more. The global response has been nothing short of disastrous, and following the same playbook once more is pure insanity.