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Breakdown Of The American Family: Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

•, By Frosty Wooldridge

The breakdown of marriages in America must be one of our saddest tragedies in the 21st century.  One out of two ends up in divorce.  Dissolution of a marriage rips the structure and foundation out from under the children.  They suffer an emotional trauma that lasts a lifetime.  Sometimes it's amicable between the parents; at other times, it's vicious.  Either way, the children are torn between one parent and the other.  They no longer come home from school to a balanced house.

Fathers become weekend visitors. Mothers become emotional wrecks. Stress transfers to the kids.  Nobody feels happy; everyone feels confused.  Divorces wreck the foundation of America's basic unit: the family.

Why such high divorce rates?  Why such incompatibilities?  How can couples prevent a 50 percent failure rate?  What kind of educational understandings can we teach young people so they might enter into a successful relationship…not just a few years…but for a lifetime?

This past week, we watched tall, dark and handsome superstar Tom Brady finalize his divorce with gorgeous, smart, rich and sophisticated Gisele Bundchen.  After 13 years of marriage, worldwide fame, two beautiful children and more money than Fort Knox, they called it quits.  In other words, no amount of money, attractiveness or fame could hold them together.  Their incompatibilities became too great to endure toward a lasting marriage.