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The Car Guy Who is Also a Tool

•, By eric

Jay also has a vast knowledge of cars – and there's no question he loves them.

Which is why it's sad to see him used by a guy who wants to destroy them – and who has the power to do it, too.

That person being Joe Biden, the (s)elected Jefe of the United States. Who, to demonstrate his commitment to forcing you and I into EeeeeeeVeeeeees had his '67 Corvette (not just combustion-engined but completely lacking any "emissions" controls whatsoever) flown or trucked or however it was transported from wherever it is kept to a Secret Service test track in Laurel, Maryland – there to glad-hand with Jay over EeeeeeeeVeeeeees force-fed to you and me.

"A whole new era of innovation" is coming, Jay's voice-over exclaims – as the Jefe's motorcade of V8-engined SUVs and the Jefe's limo appeared on the tarmac, the combustion-engined helicopter whirly-gigging in the background. And it is coming courtesy of the Jefe, who is "a man on a serious mission to make electric cars America's future."

Italics added.

And indeed he is. Just that. Determined to make electric cars "America's future." He means yours and mine. Not by persuading you and I that EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees are "the future" but rather by using the power he wields to make it the future. Put more finely, this Jefe will decide what our future is – and make it so.

Jay, being a Tool, doesn't parse this out.