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"Oath Keepers", American Justice and "the Secret 'American' Army"

• - Brett Redmayne-Titley

"Speaking of contempt of Congress, the real contempt is the existence of the January 6th Committee in the first place. It has been a partisan show trial from the beginning, where the only two "Republican" Members were not chosen by Republicans but by Nancy Pelosi." – Former US Congressman Ron Paul (TX)

While the destructive monocracy strangely known as the United States House of Representatives continues its evisceration of the US Constitution while criminalizing peaceful public decent and factually derived free speech opposition, it is of no surprise that Americans know little about the Oath Keepers.

Founder and alleged insurrectionist, Stewart Rhodes, is currently on trial charged with Seditious Conspiracy. But Rhodes' lot as the star of yet another DNC-orchestrated show trial is more a metaphor for the ongoing shrinkage of, at least, the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections. This trial is rigged to silence Rhodes, the Oath Keepers and their important reminder by way of example to a rapidly growing American army: That their Oath of Service is to country and the American people… not the government.

When correctly detailed it is the platform offered by the Oath Keepers that is on trial because that "oath"provides hope, not fear, to a hopeless America struggling under the grinding boot of increasing monocracy.

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