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Biden Regime Must Be Leashed -

• By Susan Duclos

If it isn't bad enough that Joe Biden has inspired countless viral videos of him wandering around aimlessly until someone helps lead him to where he is supposed to be, and shaking hands with..... air,  stumbling up stairways and falling off his bike, the weakness being seen by the entire world, including our enemies,  from his deadly (13 marines killed and hundreds of allies left behind) Afghanistan withdrawal, to his begging Saudi Arabia to interfere with U.S. elections, and many other things in between, is by far more devastatingly catastrophic for all of America.

Our allies, frenemies, and enemies have all been witness to Biden's frailness, wandering mind and feet, brain freezes and other indications that his mental health continues to deteriorate to the point where nearly every time he publicly speaks and goes off script, the White House press team has to go into damage control mode to walk back his comments.

Recently Donald Trump played a Biden compilation video, showing the diminished mental capacity of Joe Biden.