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How to Know If Your Nonstick Cookware Is Safe to Use

•, David Watsky

If you're wondering whether nonstick cookware is safe to use, the answer is yes. Well, mostly. Teflon is a cookware material with a good deal of drama surrounding it. That's because certain types of nonstick cookware was toxic and if the ones you use were made before 2013, they might still be. The good news is new nonstick cookware is typically cheap to buy (more on that in a bit).

Nonstick or Teflon is a popular choice for home cooks. The big draw is that food won't stick to pots and pans coated with Teflon the way it does to other metal materials, so it's easy to flip a pancake or remove a cooked egg. Nonstick is also very easy to clean, generally taking no more than a few seconds to wash by hand. 

But when it comes to whether or not nonstick cookware is safe or not, there's some key information and we've got it all here. Here's what you should know about nonstick, Teflon cookware and how to tell if your nonstick pots and pans are safe for use.

What is Teflon, and is it safe to cook with?

Teflon is a brand name for a synthetic chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene that's used in many household products from wire coatings to fabric protectors and kitchen cookware, too. The knock on Teflon is that it's unsafe if consumed or absorbed into the body and can increase the chances of cancer and other diseases. While studies have shown some connections (more on that below), Teflon still exists and is used to make cookware, but the safety concerns around Teflon are mostly a thing of the past. 

And I stress mostly. Here's why…