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Aide To New York Mayor Admits That Migrant Crisis Is Destroying The City

•, by Tyler Durden

Baugh admits that New York is broke, with an anticipated $10 billion budget deficit by 2026 now that federal covid money has finally dried up (this is also further confirmation that covid stimulus has been keeping blue state economies alive).  To his credit, his observations on the migrant buses to NYC from Texas are correct - The city is being crushed by its own sanctuary laws and right to shelter laws, not Republicans and their buses.

Baugh also admits that the housing situation for incoming migrants is a joke, and not as comprehensive as the media initially led the public to believe.  New York could in fact repeal these laws at anytime, as the aide notes, but they will not.  First and foremost because this would be admitting that leftist socialist policies are a failure.  Second, because many of the leftists in the city government would quit if the government backed out of said policies.  In other words, the leftists in New York are their own worst poison. 

These admissions are interesting because the narrative within the mainstream media has been that red state conservatives are to blame for the NY and Washington DC homeless disaster.  Yet, the truth is that it is the ideology and laws of Democrats and sanctuary cities that are the real cause of their woes.  Texas has simply said "Okay, put your money where your mouth is.  You want us to take on the financial burden of your policies, but we're going to make YOU do that now.  Let's see how you react." 

If leftists don't want to take care of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, they don't have to (and they clearly don't want to).  They can always send them back to their country of origin, which is the law and all that red states have been asking for, along with secure borders.

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