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Project Veritas: Mayor Eric Adams' Top Aide Admits Abbott Busing Illegals to NYC Has...

•,by Cristina Laila

Project Veritas on Tuesday released undercover video of Mayor Eric Adams' top aide admitting Abbott busing illegals to NYC has "proven effective."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the last several weeks has been sending busloads of illegal aliens to New York City.

More than 17,000 illegals have been bused into New York City in the last few months, according to ABC 7 NY.


Earlier this month New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) declared a state of emergency over the influx of illegal aliens.

"Although our compassion is limitless, our resources are not," Adams said. "This is unsustainable."

Mayor Adams' top aide, Chris Baugh, told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that what Abbott is doing has proven effective.

"Eventually it's going to make Biden look bad," he said.

"I don't know if Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it," he added.