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Adam Kinzinger says January 6 panel will 'negotiate' to get Trump to comply with the subpoen


January 6 panel member Adam Kinzinger said that the select committee will likely need to 'negotiate' with former President Donald Trump to get him to comply with their subpoena.

Comes as fellow panel member Stephanie Murphy revealed that they will seek to call back U.S. Secret Service (USSS) officials to testify under oath after revelations from the public hearing last week shows that they knew about the threats facing the Capitol.

Kinzinger, one of the two GOP members of the panel, said that it might not be so straightforward to get Trump to testify or hand over documents after the nine members voted to subpoena him at their meeting on Thursday.

'There have been some suggestions that he may be willing, according to associates, to testify live before the committee. Is that something that's acceptable to you?' ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos asked the Illinois congressman.

'I think that's going to be a negotiation,' Kinzinger said, explaining that many other witnesses claimed they would do something publicly, then go back on that pledge.

'So, I'll only address that when we know for sure whether or not the president has tried to push to come in and talk to us live,' he said.

The January 6 select committee held possibly its last televised hearing on Thursday before the 2022 midterms and ahead of the release of its full report on the Capitol riot last year.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Representative Liz Cheney – who joins Kinzinger as the two Republicans on the panel – introduced a motion to subpoena Trump, whom they claim is the main cause of the attack that day.