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"Behind the Curtain" Gives Us an Inside Look at North Korean Propaganda

• by Aden Tate

Let's be honest: when is North Korea not in the news? It seems like every other month, the world sits back in horror and watches as there's yet another big no-no NoKo performs.

Need some proof?

One of the things we've seen just within the past two months is a North Korean intermediate-range ballistic missile being launched OVER Japan, flying the longest distance yet we've seen a NoKo missile fly. Tokyo actually issued an alert for residents to take cover, though they later said that they didn't think it was actually going to hit Japan based on the trajectory.

Then, last month, they revised their nuke laws so they could "legally" engage in a preemptive nuclear strike.

Earlier this month, North Korea announced that the recent missile tests that they had been performing were all tactical nuclear drills they were running to simulate hitting South Korean airports and military basis. South Korea doesn't have nukes, by the way.

And then you have October 12, when two long-range strategic cruise missiles were launched from North Korea at a target 1240 miles away.