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Countries With No Property Tax Where Foreigners Can Own Real Estate

• by Joe Jarvis

It signals that an individual has monarch-like rights to his or her own private property.

But stop paying property tax and you'll soon feel more like a serf on the lord's land.

And when they come to take your home, it becomes apparent that the government truly owns your land.

You are just a renter, paying property taxes of 2% or more in some locations on the property's value. Every single year.

That adds up, especially as home values have skyrocketed over the past couple of years.

In the United States, local governments set property tax rates. But few towns opt to forgo property taxes altogether.

In the US, Alaska offers the best chance to find a community with no property taxes.

The Alaska Department of Commerce says that only 24 of 165 municipalities in Alaska charge property taxes.

In addition, "Alaska exempts from property taxes the first $150,000 of assessed value for all senior citizens (65 years of age and over) and disabled veterans."

But luckily, if Alaska is too cold and remote for you, the world is bigger than the United States.