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The Government Also Taught Us to Lie

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Today the lesson is the government taught us to lie.

Can any reader identify one issue of consequence about which the government told us the truth?

World War I?  World War II?  The Korean War?  The Vietnam War?  The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Senator Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King?  9/11?  The war in Afghanistan?  The Iraq War?  The destruction of Libya?  Assad's use of chemical weapons?  Covid?  The Covid "vaccines"?  Ukraine?

Readers will find it easier to add to this list than to find one instance of the government telling the truth.

Yet, despite government's 100% lie record, people always fall for the next lie, and by the time they catch on that they again have been played for suckers, the government has moved on.

It is very difficult to correct the lies.  History books, historical novels, and movies preserve them.  Professors protect their human capital by holding on to them.  It is much easier to give the same lectures every year than to prepare new ones.  And the human mind protects the lies.  What people were taught many still regard as truth and they defend the "truth" as taught to them from the real truth that usually takes a generation or several to become established.  By the time the real truth is known, most everyone involved at the time is dead, and the newer generations don't understand its relevance.