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UPDATE: Oath Keepers Sedition Trial Under Scrutiny After Leaked FBI Document...

• The New American

In today's two-tiered criminal justice system, a guy can mow down dozens of men, women, and children in a Christmas parade attack and yet still receive mercy and praise for good behavior by state attorneys and a judge boasting what an "excellent job" he did at representing himself at his own trial. Yet unarmed January 6 protesters — branded "terrorists" and "political dissidents" by the ruling Democratic Party — will be made an example.

So continues the high-stakes "seditious conspiracy" trial of Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes of Granbury, Texas, and co-defendants Thomas Caldwell of Berryville, Va.; Kelly Meggs of Dunnellon, Fla; Jessica Watkins of Woodstock, Ohio; and Kenneth Harrelson of Titusville, Fla.

Beginning on Oct. 3, the trial so far has consisted of testimony by FBI witnesses and a former Oath Keeper, as well as opening arguments by federal prosecutors and the defense teams.

However, a twist came on Oct. 6 with the release of a court-sealed FBI document showing that "the prosecution is lying to the jury," and that Oath Keepers indicted on major felony charges came to the aid of Capitol Police and "are not guilty."

Jonathon Moseley, a former attorney representing Oath Keepers defendant Kelly Meggs, wrote in a statement originally obtained by The Epoch Times:

This document — together with a photograph of the moment inside the US Capitol on January 6 — proves that the prosecution is lying to the jury. No one who engages in seditious conspiracy or insurrection stops to come to the aid of the police against the mob….

If the Oath Keepers were involved in any way in any insurrection or conspiracy to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, would they turn and stand between the U.S. Capitol Police against the mob? This is not merely a good act. This is absolute proof that there never was any insurrection or seditious conspiracy. The prosecution's entire case is a fraud upon the American people.

Public information officer for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia William Miller refused to comment on Moseley's remarks, writing in an email to The Epoch Times: "We typically do not comment on cases beyond our public statements and filings to the court, and have no comment."

Judge Threatens Contempt of Court Charges

The document surfaced in court on Oct. 6 and prompted Judge Amit Mehta to make the unusual call of encouraging media outlets present in the courtroom to send messages to Moseley on social media to warn him that he would be jailed if the document was released.