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He was fond of saying that if you had set your sights on playing center in the NBA, you would have succeeded. Bill did not grade on a curve, as you may remember, and that was indeed high praise.

Second, I see that you have taken to living under a rock. Your recent essay, "Robert Reich: A Personal Question To Powerful People Who Continue To Deny Results Of 2020 Election" (Eurasia Review, October 9, 2022) has been brought to my attention. In it, you write:

"I have a serious question for people who have power in America and who continue to deny the outcome of the 2020 election and enable Trump's Big Lie: What are you saying to yourself in private? How are you justifying yourself in your own mind? I don't mean to be snide or snarky. I'm genuinely curious…. I'm asking you, Peter Thiel, and you, Stephen Schwarzman, and Ken Griffin and Steve Wynn and Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne and others: Is this really the way you want to spend your fortune? Is this your legacy to the nation?"

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