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Tucker: Biden Admin, Media Teaming Up to Call Those Who Question Nord Stream...


Russia probably did it. We're still looking for the proof, but Russia likely did it. And don't say otherwise, or else.

That's been the message out of Washington, D.C., and most Western capitals since both the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines began leaking late last month. According to Reuters, seismologists in both Denmark and Sweden registered powerful blasts near where the leaks occurred, indicating this was likely sabotage.

As Reuters noted, Russia has blamed the West for the sabotage while the West has "avoided pointing a finger directly." However, there's plenty of indirect blame — and there's been especial invective heaped on those in the media who don't parrot the line that this certainly seems like a Russian operation.

The most vocal dissident has been Fox News' Tucker Carlson. Whether or not you agree with his views on the war in Ukraine (he believes the United States should stay away from it) or who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines (he thinks it's likely America), these are hardly reasons to call someone a Russian asset.

Yet, as he said in his Wednesday night monologue, that's exactly what President Joe Biden's administration and the media have been trying to do.