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The UN Demands All Central Banks Stop Rate Hikes And Switch To Price Controls Instead

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

By Michael Every of Rabobank

Blinkers and You'll Miss It

New week. New month. New quarter. New brains. New trades. New hope. Or "New balls, please" as they say at Wimbledon.

I don't have the physical energy to play tennis with markets on an every-other-day basis, sending a detailed volley back at those who think the Fed is about to pivot because of one bad datapoint. That doesn't mean the UK government can't though – they just did exactly that on tax cuts.

All I can say is re-read what I have been saying all year about this being about more than just data; and I am told every goldbug, cryptonite, bond-bubble boy, equity enthusiast, derivative devil, property shill, and commodity compere is sitting on the side-lines --bleeding out-- and is waiting for the Fed to pivot in order to go all in on the next inflationary everything asset bubble.

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