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JPMorgan report suggests Bitcoin could outperform equities, government bonds and real estate

• By: Rob Badman

In fact, to be precise, the exclusive report from the investment banking titan suggests Bitcoin's projected "excess return" sits at 38.1% – significantly higher than other assets.

Excess return, according to Investopedia, is a "metric that helps an investor to gauge performance in comparison to other investment alternatives". It's complicated and is calculated using a formula that, again, is best described by Investopedia, but it's essentially a forecasted value that's greater than the projected rate of return expected (or priced in) by most investors and analysts in the market.

In any case, per the JPMorgan analysis, Bitcoin looks like it has potential to outperform other markets, which is an idea that seems to be building just lately. Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone and even billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller have shared sentiment this week that definitely aligns with the JPM data.

The report, of which we've only seen a tweeted excerpt (see below) was referenced by The Crypto Basic website, and by Ryan Selkis this week. Selkis is the CEO and founder of crypto intelligence products provider Messari.