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The Kremlin Has Destroyed Russia's Military Reputation

• by Paul Craig Rob

That Russia has lost Russian territory to Ukraine is likely to further embolden the West and, thereby, further widen the war.

US General and former CIA Director David Patraeus has threatened the Kremlin with the destruction of Russia's troops and Black Sea fleet. 

Bob Seely writing in the UK Telegraph says "Putin's annexation of Ukrainian territory . . . is evidence not of offensive success, but of defensive fear. . . . His actions are the sign of a desperate man fearing military humiliation."  Putin, Seely claims, "is becoming more dangerous" judging by Russia's sabotage of its own gas pipelines and Putin's threats to widen his war.  Nevertheless, Seely assures us, "Putin's geopolitical fantasies to create a greater Russian state incorporating Ukraine, to shatter NATO and to establish Russia as the global counterweight to the US lie in tatters." Seely adds that the victory of UK trained Ukrainian troops over the Russian military in the Kharkiv area shows that Ukrainian victory over Russia's poorly led and low morale troops is achievable.