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Hohmann: Technocrats Float Idea Of Digital Families To Plug Declining Population


echnocrats and Transhumanists are increasingly living below the waves in a fantasyland that is more bizarre than Alice in Wonderland. ? TN Editor

Experts in artificial intelligence are predicting that within a few decades we will not only have digital money, digital IDs and digital surveillance of everything we do and everywhere we go.

We will also have digital families.

The idea of creating "virtual children" powered by AI is already in the pipeline.

And within 40 or 50 years, as people find themselves increasingly frustrated in their inability to pro-create, behavioral scientists and computer engineers believe these folks will warm to the idea of raising a digital child in the metaverse.

Author Catriona Campbell is one who believes parents will want to care for digital children online. Just flip on a headset and you can feel like you're really there with a fake CGI baby, toddler or pre-teen. Just type in the age and gender and other data points of your desired child and, shazam, there it is, with all the needs and concomitant responsibilities of a real child — or not.