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Knowing Your Blood Type Is Useful: 3 Easy Ways to Find Out Yours

• by Macy Meyer

Knowing your blood type is important. I was recently filling out a volunteer application and was asked to provide my blood type. Luckily, I knew off the top of my head that I'm type O-positive, but I wanted to find documentation to confirm that. I called my mom to see if blood type is listed on my birth certificate -- no luck. I checked my physician's health portal -- also no luck. 

So how does someone figure out their blood type if they don't already know it?

If you have no clue what your type is, you're not alone. According to a 2019 CBS News poll, only 66% of Americans reported knowing their blood type. Considering blood type can be vital to understanding your health, including your heart health -- and of course, saving you in an emergency -- it's important to know what kind of blood courses through your veins. Finding out your blood type is relatively simple. Here are three easy ways to find out your blood type.