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Attorney Dr. Reimer Fullmich Elucidates The Mechanics Of PSYOP-19


The One World Government is now coming out of the initial mass induced fear phase and setting up to redouble their mass inducement fear across a variety of current and new psyops that they will shortly be rolling out.

On the eve of the CBDC and full-blown global social credit score system, we are currently in-between the De-Construction and Re-Construction stages that Dr. Fullmich showed in his infographic. The full transition, if successful, will result in ever more hyper-centralized technocommunist tyranny.

Enlightened Interdependence: The simple solution is to focus on local systems comprised of family, friends and neighbors. A collection of local communities working in concert on behalf of its people while simultaneously being acutely aware of the UN and WEF schemes to "penetrate" said communities and strip away property and natural rights is the only antidote to the globalist transhumanist power grab.

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