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Hello from Florida & Fake News

• Armstrong Economics

Thank you for all the emails of concern. I am fine. My dog is fine. Never lost power and nothing damaged. All of the newscasters go to the worst possible spots they can find and just stay there showing the very same backdrop all the time. The problem with such sensational broadcasting is that the vast majority of people no longer trust the media so when they play up a storm, so many people no longer trust the forecasting and do not evacuate.

This was Anderson Cooper standing in waist deep water while the camera crew was on high ground. This is standard. I see the same reporter standing in the same spot on FOX with boats piled up. They never moves from the most dramatic spots so you never see the whole region. It is no longer about reporting news. It is also about drama.

The people in South-West Florida were hard hit. By Tampa, the wind blew the water out of the bay, when it came back, it was just normal. No 10 ft wall of rushing water.

I really wish all the news channels returned to reporting the news instead of you will die in 3 hours so turn in so we can tell you the minute you will die so you can make your last phone call.