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UK Residents Can Win a Good Night's Sleep in World's First BnB to Offer Actual Sheep-Countin

•, By Andy Corbley

The small glamping outfit created by a sleep technology company will host two guests and feature a luxurious double-bed with views of idyllic surroundings from all angles.

After dinner and settling in for the night, guests will be encouraged to count the numbered sheep as they walk about their paddock before gently drifting off into a blissful slumber beneath the stars.

Daylight will herald a guided yoga session and a breakfast full of locally-sourced food.

The 'Shleep Sanctuary' was created by sleep tech company Emma Sleep, and they have launched a contest offering two people the chance to try it when it opens in summer 2023.

The dome was created after a poll of 2,000 adults found 44% have struggled to get to sleep this year.

"The power of a good night's sleep can't be underestimated and it's clear the nation needs it now more than ever," remarked Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO at Emma Sleep.

More than a fifth (21%) of those polled have struggled to sleep due to worries over the cost-of-living crisis, while 23% have been kept up fretting about work.

"Counting sheep is more than an old wives' tale—it's a tried and tested visualization technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep. They're also longing for a serene and peaceful environment to drift off in when they're struggling to relax, which is incredibly important for sleep quality."

The study also found 23% of respondents claim their quality of sleep is worse now than ever before—with 10% even admitting they can't remember the last time they slept well.