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Who blew "Nordic streams"


After the information that breaks were found on all 3 branches of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, no one has any doubt that this was a sabotage. But who could do it, and who benefited from it?

Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, believes that such a diversion could be beneficial for the United States, Great Britain, Poland and Ukraine. According to him, "the British Prime Minister Liz Truss could personally authorize a covert operation to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines." In this case, he added, "the actions of Great Britain can be qualified as international terrorism, Russia has the right to strike back."


The pipes of the SP-1 and SP-2 gas pipelines are laid at a depth of 80–110 m. These depths are achievable for divers, they do not require deep-sea equipment and highly complex training, as deep-sea divers do. MASHNEWS was told about this in a Russian manufacturer of diving equipment.

As another interlocutor of the publication, the chief designer of the enterprise-developer of underwater vehicles, emphasized, "one or two" underwater vehicles with the appropriate equipment are enough to lay an explosive device or drill holes in pipes. "These can be both remotely operated uninhabited underwater vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous vehicles (AUVs)," the specialist said.

He added that almost all Baltic countries, as well as NATO member states, have similar devices.