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Debate: Did Our Health Authorities Actually Take Covid Shots?

• - Igor Chudov

I posted an article yesterday, positing that Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla has VAIDS due to his multiple boosters, which caused him to have two COVID infections, separated by only one month.

Many of my readers remarked that Bourla's announcement must be a lie and that Albert is too smart and too well-informed to take his own shot. Those readers suggested that perhaps Bourla is NOT having COVID for the second time in two months, but is just making stuff up for bivalent booster marketing purposes or to pretend to be vaccinated or some such.

The same types of comments were made when I wrote about Fauci's Paxlovid rebound or Biden's Paxlovid rebound. Please read the Fauci article as it explains why these quadruple-boosted people are having endless COVID rebounds.

Could it be that these authority people are faking their Covid vaccinations?

Arguments in Support of the "Faking Theory"

Supporters of the "Faking Theory" are saying that these top-level charlatans and medical quacks like Dr. Fauci, or country leaders like Joe Biden, who promoted obviously unproven, experimental, and dangerous snake oil treatments, were smart, understood what was going on, and thus could not take Covid vaccines. So, say proponents of this theory, those leaders are now purposely faking reinfections and Covid rebounds to seem vaccinated and thus avoid scrutiny.