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FDA Tells the Vaccine Injured: "Thanks for Sharing"

• Steve Kirsch's Newsletter

Here's the article on Trial Site News describing what happened when 20 vaccine injured went to Washington DC to meet with the FDA and members of Congress.

Basically, they thanked the 20 people for sharing their stories. From the article:

"The data is not sufficiently robust," Dr. Peter Marks said repeatedly. "With these low rates, it's very hard to know what you're looking at." The word "rare" was used, and, of course, the phrase "1 in a million."

And then there was this: "That's not to say we won't continue to look."

I have vaccine injury reports from over 1,000 people. They are sorted by number of symptoms from a list of 145 symptoms that I found are associated with COVID vaccine injuries. Stuff like:

1. Inability to talk

2. Bleeding behind my eyes

3. …

You know, stuff like that that you rarely see.

There is clearly a cause and effect here when you realize that most of these people are perfectly healthy before the shot (few if any symptoms from my list) and then suddenly develop 40 to 86 symptoms from the list. This happens to people vaccinated with the COVID vaccine over and over again.

My survey is not exhaustive; there are millions of vaccine injured. So for each case reported here, multiply it by at least 1,000 others with similar symptoms.