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Are WHO and WEF Terrorist Organizations and National Security Threats?

• By Dr. Joseph Sansone

In this story the transhumanists had a severed head that they were artificially keeping alive. When communicating with the head they thought they were speaking to the artificial intelligence when they were in fact being guided by what could best be described as fallen angels or demonic entities. It is unclear whether our globalist antagonists are guided by dark entities or are just simply evil for the sake of being evil.

I recently presented a resolution at my local county Republican Party Executive Committee declaring WHO and WEF terrorist organizations and national security threats. Unfortunately, the meeting was about to end and I accepted a watered down amendment that at least maintained that they are national security threats. It was either that or let the clock run out. I will bring up the resolution again in January when we have a new board. We also passed a resolution calling for the state to kick out federal agents operating in Florida. I may post an article about this meeting and the shenanigans at a later date. Back to the issue at hand.

Let's take a look at this proposition that WHO and WEF are terrorist organizations and national security threats. I think a national security threat is self explanatory, still, let's examine a definition provided in a white paper by The Heritage Foundation.

National Securitya nation's possession of control of its sovereignty and


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