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Phoenix-area activist, Ernie Hancock, has been notified that not only does he have to testify in a trial, he will not be allowed to invoke the 5th Amendment! This will force Hancock to participate and assist in any case made against him by the FBI. 

Having known Ernie for a number of years, it is easy to determine that the FBI/DOJ is clearly upset because he has exposed the nature of corrupt elections for the past 20+ years. Ernie is not a former advisor to Trump and this makes this case that much more significant! This signals a sea-change by the Bolshevik Party's controlled DOJ and FBI. They are now beginning to target citizens for the "wrong" beliefs. Based on the outrageous nature of this case, in which they are vaguely linking Hancock to the events on JG. Here is the interesting thing, Ernie Hancock was on the other side of the continent, broadcasting his radio show from downtown Phoenix, at the time of the citizens entry into the Congressional building was entered by the so-called "election-deniers"! 

As an aside, my advice to you is that if the FBI approaches you, plead the 5th!  

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