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Situation Update, Sep 19, 2022 - Giant homeless encampments set to explode across U.S.

•, Health Ranger Report

- Worsening #inflation in food, energy and housing will lead to mass #homelessness  
- Encampments are already growing in major US cities like LA, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more
- They are rife with #addiction , mental illness, trafficking and theft
- Organized Retail Criminals (ORCs) are devastating US retail stores in these cities
- Also known as "organized looting mobs" - they are rapidly increasing in number
- ORCs increasingly commit #violence against store employees, while destroying property
- More retailers will shut down as the chaos spreads
- When the ORCs run out of retailers, they will begin raiding PRIVATE HOMES
- Those who live near cities or suburbs will literally be battling ORCs.
- Illinois lawmakers have made it IMPOSSIBLE for police to evict squatters

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