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White House 'Nutrition Advisor' Claims Lucky Charms Are Healthier Than Chicken

•, by Ben Bartee

Soak in the idiocy: per the rankings, Honey Nut Cheerios© is a healthy alternative to a boiled egg. Almond M&Ms© is a superior nutritional choice to ground beef.

Then consider that this Food Compass© wasn't published in some laughable obscure blog in a dark corner of the internet; Dariush somehow managed to get his brazen propaganda piece featured in Nature Journal, widely considered one of the most authoritative scientific publications in the world.

What's actually in Lucky Charms©, the cereal endorsed by a Tufts University professor?

The second most prevalent ingredient is sugar. #5 is GMO corn syrup, which is also essentially sugar, only more inflammatory, obesity-inducing and cancerous than cane sugar. Virtually the entire macronutrient profile is carbohydrates, with very little healthy fat or protein.

The artificial food colorings used include Red 40 and Yellow 5, both of which are contaminated with known carcinogens, and also might cause ADHD and allergies.

The ingredients list is chock full of other problems that I won't cover for the sake of brevity. The largest issue, far and away, is the added sugar.