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$1000 of AKG Could Have 8 Years of Antiaging Benefits

•, by Brian Wang

The time released combination of Calcium and Alpha-Ketoglutarate in Rejuvant's LifeAKG™ seems to reset methylation patterns in your DNA. However, there needs to be placebo controlled trials and methylization clocks have not b een validated.

By rebalancing your methylation patterns, Rejuvant® can potentially turn back the aging clock, reducing age-related ailments and extending healthspan in four important ways.

Methylization biomarker clocks have not been correlated with increased physical function.

AKG works in the Krebs cellular cycle which where the popular supplement NAD+ also works. AKG levels decline as we age.

Rejuvant is charging about $110-150 per month of supply of AKG. It would seem a 7 month supply is enough to deliver the observed methylization changes.

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